About Me


Hi, my name is Hilary and I am a full time working mother of two boys who has been married to my handsome husband for thirteen years.  I am a weight lifting, nutrition and integrative health enthusiast who has had a journey of many ups and downs in my quest for health.  I am currently pursing my NASM personal training certification along with a health coach certification through the Integrative Nutrition Institute.

I have always been athletic and was very active in dance and tennis growing up.  Working out was something I always enjoyed doing, but lifestyle choices stood in the way of having the physique and ultimate health I wanted.  After having two sons and working full time, I was worn out, stressed out and my health was suffering with an auto-immune disorder called interstitial cystitis.  While becoming a mother was rewarding, I felt like I needed to reclaim my individual sense of self above the title of “Mom.”  This led me to pursue a certification in makeup artistry.  While I enjoyed doing freelance makeup, I still felt like something was missing.  I was hired to do make-up for a fitness show and the rest was history.  I was so envious of the physiques of the fitness competitors and after talking with them regarding preparation for their shows, I decided it was time to claim the level of fitness and health I had always wanted.

I was what many people called a “cardio bunny,” and spinning my wheels while not seeing any gains. My mother introduced me to a book called, “Burn fat, feed muscle,” by Tom Venuto and I sought the help of a personal trainer.  Instead of 70% cardio and 30% strength training, I switched the two and focused on weights.  I used the book to figure out what macronutrients I should follow while putting me at a caloric deficit. It was one of the hardest things I have done, but over the course of a year I lost 12% body fat, 15 pounds and 3 clothes sizes. I competed in two bikini competitions and vowed never to go back to the way I was.

While I had lost all of this body fat and weight, I started having further health issues about two years ago.  My hair started falling out almost overnight, I had no energy and was tired and irritable all the time.  I could barely make it through workouts that used to energize me let alone make it through a day of work.  How could I have been in top physical shape and feel this way?  Having a strong belief in naturopathic medicine, I visited several practitioners and finally a year later was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and low progesterone. It has not been an easy road and I’m still working on reclaiming the health and vitality I seek.

This journey has led me to profound connection between your body and mind.  By changing my mindset, I was able to make significant changes in my physique.  However, while my physique changed, I still have health issues.  I have done some deep soul searching and linked every chronic health issue I have suffered to my body’s reaction to stress.   One of the biggest sources of stress is my current full time job. This revelation has led to a dedication of changing my life and nurturing what I love, which is health, fitness and beauty.

I feel like all women deserve to “release your sparkle” and let their best selves shine through.  I am passionate about sharing my journey and helping other women discover the greatness inside themselves.  By realizing the strong mind-body connection we all have, they can break through barriers they never thought possible.